We manufacture and troubleshoot jigs & fixtures as production equipment that can be used to produce duplicate parts with consistent quality. We specialize in manufacturing a wide selection of jigs & fixtures for various projects and applications in the automotive, heavy equipment, aerospace, military, appliance, and energy sectors.

All jigs & fixtures are developed to fit your exact specification, complying with stringent quality standards for complete confidence in achieving durable, stable and repeatable parts.

Our Products

  • Assembly fixtures;
  • Work Holding fixtures;
  • Welding fixtures;
  • Cooling fixtures for all Plastic and Stamping/Metal parts;
  • Machining jigs and fixtures

Holding Fixtures

Hold part per GD&T for co-ordinate measuring machine inspections.

Nesting /holding parts for secondary applications such as:

  • Drilling
  • Machining
  • Trimming
  • Painting
  • Gate Cutting
  • Applying Clips
  • Attachment Features or Stickers

We are continually improving our processes and developing new innovative methods to effectively control costs while maintaining the highest industry standards in precision, quality, on time delivery and competitive pricing.